Fairs in Kazakhstan

10.2017 – HPE 8 Sp z o.o. company presented its products and services at fairs in Kazakhstan.

In connection with Poland’s participation in the International Expo Exhibition in Astana 2017, HPE 8, with financial support from the European Union under the programme “Support for SMEs in promoting product brands – Go to Brand”, presented its products and services at the Fairs in Kazakhstan. In October 2017 HPE 8 participated in two trade fairs in Almaty, Kazakhstan: KIOGE 2017 and POWER/ReENERGY/LIGHTING KAZAKHSTAN.

HPE 8 promoted the following products and services: nitrogen generation and distribution systems, an automatic brake test system for trains, as well as design and certification services for the oil and gas and energy industries.

The aim of the project was to promote the HPE 8 brand and increase its recognition on foreign markets.