We offer auxiliary equipment for heavy and power industry including various solutions, from small systems to compressor packaging.

compressors packaging

We have experience in engineering and packaging of the compressors for various applications. We offer basic design, detail engineering, 3d modelling, drawings preparation, applicable calculations, wiring diagrams, instrumentation selection together with control systems.

seal gas systems

We are specialised in designing and manufacturing of dry gas seal racks (DGSR). Our DGSR’s are delivered in various executions like special painting, exotic material tubing and piping, high temperature insulation, ATEX instrumentation. We can provide leakage testing, x-ray examination of piping, and third party inspections

auixiliary systems

Our team is able to design and manufacture all auxiliary systems required in heavy, power and other industries, such as: cooling liquid or gas systems, injection systems, cleaning and filtration systems, hydraulic power packs and many others.

test benches

We are solution providers and we build up the test systems for specific demands. Our latest products are valve test benches, hydrostatic testing equipment or oil mist separator test stations.